Buried for future allotmenteers to find...

By Francesca (243b)

We thought a lot about what it should contain and in the end we decided on the day's newspaper, a letter about our daily lives, photos, an Argos catalogue, a tin of beans, some pictures drawn by 5 year old Marianne, a copy of Macbeth, maps of the local area, some seeds, a receipt showing the price of milk and bread, some Frozen stickers, a set of recent coins and, uh, some samples of our hair. For cloning purposes.

Contents of the time capsule buried at Northfield Allotment 

All placed in a water- and air-tight plastic box with packets of silica gel to help with moisture.

Time capsule - sealed and ready to go!

Then wrapped in weed-proof fabric and buried a couple of foot underground.

Burying a time capsule at Northfield Allotment

Then we laid a patio/shed base over it.

We don't know when it'll be dug up but we hope it will stay safe under ground for a long time, and perhaps allotmenteers of the future will make an exciting find one day.