Some copy to describe that we do some events, and here is the calendar...

(its an old calendar... it should be updated to reflect this year.  Links can be added for each to go to appropriate page.)

Date What's on Further Information
Saturday 6th February Volunteer day "Clean Up" for the hedgerow - removing the rubbish from the hedgerow that surrounds the site.
Saturday 5th March Volunteer day Continuation of the Hedgerow clearance
Saturday 2nd April Volunteer day Maintenance around the site
Saturday 7th May Volunteer day - Hedgerow Hedgerow along Radbourne Walk
Saturday 2nd June Volunteer day Last volunteer day before the open day !
Saturday 25th June Open day 2016 Second annual Open Day -- See
Saturday 2nd July Volunteer day  
Saturday 6th August Volunteer day  
Saturday 3rd September Volunteer day  
Saturday 1st October Volunteer day  
Saturday 5th November Volunteer day  
Saturday 3rd December Volunteer day Last volunteer day for the year