Well, Well, Well Madness!

You know sometimes you just like something, and you don’t have to have a good reason why . . . Steelydan comes to mind.
Well Allotment pumps is like that for me. I started the Allotment pump project a month or so ago and i have now completed the installation of two pumps. This is good timing because we have no mains water at this time so it gives us a chance to feel how it was in the days gone by on the allotment when they had no mains water. We have only had mains water for the last 20 years or so for the previous 160 years they had to find water from other sources, the ponds, watercourse and wells.

I will give full details on each Pump installation but this is just a post for you all to know that you can get water from two pumps well actually three.

First of all i would like to let you know about today’s ‘Well Madness’.
The well on plot 213 is a part of the pump project. This well was full of rubbish, polystyrene cups, carpet, plastic bottles, big plastic drum i could go on. After doing and absolutely amazing job of getting all the rubbish out with Paul McConnell on Thursday today i drained the well to see what was left in case there was some plastic that would get pulled into the pipework. Have i mentioned the frogs?  . . . ok later.  I found there was more rubbish at the bottom and tried unsuccessfully to get it out, to my luck Dec and Bimba turned up by chance and decided to go down the well to get the stuff out including a frog.  It was a little tight and Dec couldn’t move properly so we got his girlfriend Bimba to go down, i was scared for myself just watching! she went down but she couldn’t move cos the ladder was a bit big so we took the ladder out, yeah she was down a three metre well with water flowing in the bottom with no ladder, she found the frog and put it in her pocket and continued to remove wood and soil from the base. Bottom of the well pictured right.
Some people can talk a good game but only a few can act as good as they talk and Dec and Bimba proved today what real allotment folk are made of. When they turned up they were clean when they left they had clay mud in their hair on their clothes, everywhere. We did actually get four frogs out of the well in total, two today.
Thanks guys!!

Below Dec, Bimba and a small frog that can live out its days in luxury in Dec's pond

By the way there are Pumps on plots 229, 213 and 164 that you can use to get water.

Pump 229 is the old boys pump which i got working today, This is a semi rotary pump so the action is "Back and forth and back and forth" its needs priming to work, this is done by pulling off the top of the plastic pipe and pouring water down as this pump is very old it can take a watering can of water to start it up. This is not officially on the Allotment pump project but something that was done last year. It’s old so treat it with respect and it will be good to you :)

Pump 213 is a newly completed pump. It may have dirty water for a while, this one should not need to be primed but if it does just pour water (from the glass bottle provided) down the little slot in the top until water comes out the spout then pump and it will bring up water in a few goes.

Pump 164 This is another semi rotary pump. It also needs priming, we are planning a new system for this after some good advice from another plot holder but for now you have to unscrew the plastic pipe (anti-clockwise) on the top (the whole thing) and pour water down the top until you see the it come out of the pump, screw the plastic top back on carefully avoiding cross threading (which has already happen and why we will change the system) then pump a few times to get it going then you will see the water coming out.