Waiting List

If you would like to join our waiting list please download the form from the landlord's website.

Send the completed form to Pathways, Trust Office, 33 Dean Court, Bowmans Close, London, W13 9YU.

We have around 60-70 people on our waiting list.

  • The person on the top of the list put their name down in October 2014.

The allotments in Northfield Avenue are not owned by the council but held in trust by Pathways, a registered charity.

There are over 141 plots on the Allotment (click on the map to see an enlarged view).  We currently rent out half plots to maximise the number of plot holders.

We work on a strict first come - first served basis.

Northfield Allotment is just one of many in the London Borough of Ealing.  If you wish to look for a vacancy at other allotment sites then there is a full list of site, both council and privately owned, on the Ealing Allotment Parternship website (though at the present time, most other sites also have waiting lists).  If you are a resident of Northfields then Blondin and Haslemere are the closest alternatives.