Volunteer Day - 6th December 2014

So my alarn goes off at 8.00 on Saturday morning and any sensible person would have rolled over and gone back to sleep. But I drag myself out of bed and look out the window....all I can see is frost.

Frosty morning in Ealing Dean Allotments

Last Saturday was another one of our volunteer gardening days. Some of the people who turn up are plot holders, many are on the waiting list for a plot and a few are local Ealing residents. We always have a huge amount of work to do on the site and we couldn't have gotten this far without the help of volunteers. This session was about clearing the leaves from the Radbourne Walk. If we leave the leaves on the path they eventually turn to mud and make the path slippery in the rain.

Frozen Strawberries Ealing Dean Allotments  Frozen veg Ealing Dean Allotments

Ealing Dean Allotments  Ealing Dean Allotments

The main worry with the volunteer days is knowing how many people will turn up. But, I shouldn't have worried there were twelve of us brave enough to face the cold and get stuck in. So, we cleared all the leaves from the path and had a conveyer belt of people with wheel barrows moving the leaves to our compost bins.

Radbourne Walk - Ealing 

The light was lovely 

Allotment gardeners are good recyclers - nothing gets wasted. The leaves will make lovely leaf mould that we can put back on the soil as a mulch. The compost bins will also act as good habitats for a wide variety of critters over the winter.

Compost Bins - Ealing Dean Allotments

At the start of the morning we were all cold - but once we'd filled a couple of wheel barrows we soon warmed up. Then fairly soon it was time for tea. Christine provided lovely lemon drizzle cake and flapjacks and I brought chocolate brownies.

Tea and Cake -Ealing Dean Allotments

But a big thank you to Simon (below) and Yasmin who kept the hot water topped up for tea and coffee and then provided soup for lunch.

Volunteers - Ealing Dean Allotments

Volunteers - Ealing Dean Allotments

We would also like to thank everyone who turned up to help out. We hope you enjoyed the morning. Your efforts are very much appreciated by those of us on the Ealing Dean Allotment Committee but, also by the people who use the Radbourne Walk on a regular basis. 

Many thanks to:- Celia, Christine, Dominic, Nicola, Paul, Peter, Shantilal, Simon, Simon, Susannah and Vanessa.

Volunteers - Ealing Dean Allotments

Compost Bins - Ealing Dean Allotments

With the wood chips spread out to make the place look neat and tidy - time to go home.

Radbourne Walk - Ealing

If you'd like to get involved you'd be very welcome to join us. Our next volunteer gardening day will be on Saturday 7th February 2015.

Check out the home page for more info nearer the day - or email us at volunteering@ealingdean.co.uk

Christina Fox
Chair: Ealing Dean Allotment Society.