Radbourne Walk

The Radbourne Walk is a narrow path that runs from Mattock Lane to Occupation Road in Ealing London. This path has existed for over 180 years and was a part of Ealing Dean Common when in 1832 when the common was enclosed as allotments. The Radbourne Stream that originates in Castlebar hill and can be seen above ground in Little Ealing is believed to flow in a culvert somewhere close to the path hence the name Radbourne Walk. The image shown right shows some of the butterflies and insects found in the Radbourne including the Endangered Stag beetle.

So my alarn goes off at 8.00 on Saturday morning and any sensible person would have rolled over and gone back to sleep. But I drag myself out of bed and look out the window....all I can see is frost.

Frosty morning in Ealing Dean Allotments