Radbourne Walk - March work day

So, this was day two of the Radbourne Walk  enhancement planSimon had planned another wildflower meadow - this time at the Occupation Road end of the path.  We also had plans to start the loggery. We know we have Stag-horn beetles on the allotments because one of our plot holders found their larvae in his compost bin. But what Stag-horns really like is rotting wood and we had some we could use. So, this is how it looked at the at the start of day 2...


Then our volunteers started to arrive...




Tools of the trade.....and lots of buckets.





By 11.30 it was definitely time for a cup of tea and some cake.


mmmm that's chocholate and courgette cake.


...and a happy birthday to Brian.   

I did a quick tally  and I reckon we had 21 volunteers.


Then it was back to work to sort out the loggery.




Loggery done - hopefully any passing Stag beetles will find it an irresistable place.

The path was muddy at the start, but after all that digging it really needed a good clean.





and here is the 'after' photo...

We want to thank everyone who turned up to help. There is no way we could have done this much without your help. Radbourne Walk is starting to look loved. People are noticing your efforts. All this on a promise of flowers to come... ;-)

If you'd like to help too - Our next volunteer day will be on Sunday 6th April 2014 at 10.00 - meet at the Mattock Lane end.

We're always happy to welcome new volunteers - we're a nice bunch and we have cake for anyone who helps out ;-)