Radbourne Walk - 2016

In 2016 our focus has been on maintaining the walk for users.

This has meant:

  • Litter - We have ensured the litter was kept to a minimum. We have cleared around two bin liners of rubbish each month. This rubbish is mostly beer cans and plastic bottles.
  • Plant maintenance - The plant growth was cleared in the winter during two volunteer days. The first volunteer day cut back all the growth and tilled the front section of the soil and added annual wildflowers. The annual wildflowers, have been i my opinion a little disappointing but we will continue with this plan.
  • Foxgloves - Due to the popularity of the foxgloves in the previous year, we again added native foxgloves to the walk. They are unlikely to grow naturally as the soil is a little too alkaline being clay so we add small plug plants in the late autumn.
  • Path - Keeping the path clear has been our goal each year. Whether it is bramble sticking out into the path or just a muddy path, we have tried to keep it clear through out the year.
  • New plant species - We added Cow parsley to the upper section of the Radbourne this year. These were grown from seed from the local area. We hope they will grow well and spread over time.
  • New signs -  We added two new signs in the early summer, one at the bottom and one at the top. Unfortunately the have both been removed by someone from the general public. We found the wooden posts lying on the ground but never found the signs. The remove signs can be seen below.