Plot 243 - Day 3

I have a favourite TV programme - it's called DIY SOS. They help people who have become overwhelmed with the task of extending their home. Some poor soul works every weekend, every evening, every spare moment - but the building work never seems to be finished. Then maybe illness slows them down and it all grinds to a halt. At DIY SOS they bring expertise - but importantly they throw a lot of people at the problem. 


Well plot 243 is our problem - unloved and supposedly uncultivateable. To get this plot cleared we would need plenty of people to volunteer their time and get stuck in.
I stood on the plot this morning at 10.15 and wondered if anyone would turn up....

I'm ready
 But I really shouldn't have worried. By about 11.00 we had eight people on the plot all digging away. 
Sarah digging in
Christine- clearing a patch by the path with Paul adding stuff to the compost heap
Ranou with his wonderful pointed groundbreaker making short work of the bramble roots
Taking a well earned break with Maggie
Emma seems to have spotted something - while Paul digs away in the background
Mark and Sarah
Emma completes another section
Clara foreground - with Christina and Mark in the background
...another section done. 

I Just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who turned up this morning. The plot is looking so good.  It just shows that if enough people come together you can take an overwhelming problem and make it manageable. But, importantly you can make it enjoyable too.

I really appreciate all the support - from everyone who has turned up for the three clearance days. I hope the other plot holders who couldn't make it - appreciate the effort too.

....Next stop - the communal plot ;-)