Plot 243 - Day 2

So, today was day-two on plot 243. 
On day-one we used brush cutters and strimmers, today it was rakes and a box of matches.
The strimming and several years of neglect had left behind a lot of plant material to clear away. We've spent the day raking it up .

If it can be composted it will go on the compost heap
We also found enough bits of rubbish and plastic to fill two black bin bags - a selection of old rusty tools - bricks and rubble - and some flower bulbs pushing through the soil.
Metal for recycling
Rubble for the skip
Windows for a cold frame - maybe
But, we had a bonfire for the woody stuff and perennial weed roots.
Simon keeps the fire burning
We'll spread the ash - so nothing will go to waste
The allotment stare - contemplating what to tackle next
Maybe a cup of tea will help
Green shoots - uncovered


Christina takes another load to the compost heap


Sun is setting - time to put out the fire and go home