Meet the Plotholders - Emily

Today Emily is answering our questions. 

Tell us about yourself

I live in Hanwell with my partner Drew, my six-month old baby Tommy, and a three-legged cat named Bob. I work in a library and in my spare time enjoy walking, baking and beekeeping.

Emily - Northfields Allotments

How long have you had the allotment and were you on the waiting list for long?

Since 2014, I was lucky as the plot had been turned down by several people due to being shady and having poor soil. I did some volunteering clearing rubbish and planting wild flowers on Radbourne Walk and mentioned that I'm a beekeeper - Christina had been looking to have bees on the allotment and offered me the plot. I share it with another beekeeper, Tom. I'm not keeping bees there at the moment, as the baby is taking up my spare time but Tom still has a couple of hives.

Why did you want an allotment?

It's a great place to keep bees with all the wonderful fruit and veg growing around. I only have a tiny, shared garden so it's also an opportunity to sit somewhere peaceful and relax. 

What’s the best thing about having the plot?

Sitting under the apple tree with my baby, Tommy, and watching the bees go by. When Tommy can walk it will be a nice space for him to get close to nature and maybe eventually have a go at growing his own plants.  

What’s the worst thing about having the plot?

Knowing that it may soon be lost to the planned Pathways housing development. 

Hives and poppies Northfields Allotment

What’s your favourite thing to grow?

Poppies and borage - great bee flowers. 

What’s the thing that you’re most proud of having done on your plot?

Keeping two hives and collecting beautiful golden honey from them last summer.

Worst ever allotment disaster or fruit/vegetable you just can’t get to grow.

One of my hives kept going queenless last summer and due to beekeeper error a queen accidentally ended up laying in the honey super, which was very frustrating. The cherry tree produces very tasty cherries but they do sometimes have lots of maggots inside! 

Top allotment tip to help other/new potholders 

Treasure the beauty of your allotment. 

Hives and poppies Northfields Allotment 2