Found in the Hedge

Continuing my interest in "old things" my new blog continues with items that we found in the hedgerow clearance. On Saturday 7th March we had a volunteer day that cleared rubbish from the north section of the allotment by Northfield Avenue.
Amongst the plastic bottles and metal cans i was lucky to find a bit of metal that made my day.
I found a small Pick Mattock head. The name often changes from book to book but the name Pick Mattock is listed in the 1951 Brades catalogue. This head is a lot smaller than you would expect for a mattock or pick axe. I realised that it would most likely be used with one hand and with a pick it would be used for breaking hard ground like stone or concrete. After further reading i found that this type of mattock was standard issue in WW2 by the US army for digging fox holes. The US issue Pick mattocks would be taken apart and neatly packed away in a carry case. See photo below. I am not as yet convinced that this is a US issue but either way it’s a nice piece.

The second item was not found by me but was found by Jon and Christine, so thanks to them!! It is a Garden line or Garden line winder, It is the largest one i have seen and would  very likely have been used on the allotments to mark out rows for vegetable planting. I believe this one is quite old as the level of decay has left the surface more like the surface of the moon than metal. There is usually a pin that goes with it which is obviously lost.Below is an example of a Garden line with typical winding knob. It is nice to imagine a plot holder 100 years ago using it to plant out his onions :)

Finally a little teaser for you all.
I found this metal object a year or so ago and have been using it as a hook for Lego star wars and anything else that fits on it.

Do you know what it is?
A clue: It would definitely be used on the allotment,
I do know what it is so you can always ask me to tell you when you meet me on the allotment :)