Something wicked this way comes at Halloween to London's oldest allotments

If you'd like to encounter witches and warlocks, spectres and skeletons, then put on your spookiest costume and head for Northfields Allotments in West Ealing on Saturday October 27. There, from 3pm to 7pm, you can join our Halloween Pumpkin Trail, all eerily lit by Jack-O'Lanterns.

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Sausages at Northfield Allotment

Volunteer day lunch

Sausages at Northfield Allotment

The earliest date that plots were rented out was March 1833. The original book of tenancy agree-ments is kept in the London Metropolitan Archives. The allotments were divided into North, West and East: North being the area which is now Dean Gardens; West being the main area of allotments on the other side of Northfield Avenue, now housing estates; and East is the now-named Northfields Allotments.
The plots to the East

Last night (Monday 27th March 2017) we took the campaign to save London’s oldest allotments to the bi-annual forum of the councillors of Walpole Ward in Ealing, the electoral ward where Northfields Allotments is located.

In a packed meeting that was greatly swelled by a large number of plotholders from the allotments, Ealing Dean Allotment Society chairwoman Christina Fox gave an impassioned speech as to why we so strongly opposed any further development on the site.

Christina Fox presenting Northfields Allotments' case at the Northfield Ward Forum

Northfield Allotments has a wealth of secrets hidden within its boundaries. In 1832 when it was created the allotment was called “Ealing Dean Common allotments” and that name continued for over 150 years until around the 1990’s.

In November 2016 Simon Coleman started cleaning up an area of bare ground along the perimeter of the allotment. He realised that there were layers of rubbish dating back to the 1960’s. He decided to dig deeper in the hope he would find older artefacts,

There are areas of the allotment hedgerow that will be replanted. This winter we planted new native hedgerow whips in "Gaps" by plots 241, 224, 213 and 196. I have recently been digging in an area by plot 158. It is necessary for us to remove all the rubbish in the hedge before we plant the whips

Northfield Allotments Halloween Open Day 2016
It’s been nearly a month since the Halloween Pumpkin Walk and we’ve all recovered enough to talk about it.

We all did a huge amount of preparation for this, especially Dominic and Fran: there were 150 pumpkins to be carved, plots to be decorated, witches caves to be built, preserves and cakes to be made, the lucky and yucky dips to assemble and lights to put up.

At 3pm, we opened our gates and it seemed that all of Ealing came to visit us, nearly 2,000 people in all.

Northfield Allotments Halloween Open Day 2016

Today Emily is answering our questions. 

Tell us about yourself

I live in Hanwell with my partner Drew, my six-month old baby Tommy, and a three-legged cat named Bob. I work in a library and in my spare time enjoy walking, baking and beekeeping.

Hives and poppies Northfields Allotment

If you've ever walked past the allotments and wondered what sort of people we are, this is for you. Now there are quite a few of us so as not to overwhelm you, we'll do it one by one. Going first is Francesca, Fran is also one of the brains behind the Halloween Pumpkin Walk on 29 October, so she a good person to start with.

Tell us about yourself

Plotholder Profile - Starting out